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About us


Representation of following companies:


  • Solar Turbines Europe S.A. in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary
  • Solar Turbines Switzerland SAGL in Czechia and Slovakia



The SMF Hodonín s.r.o. company ( SMF ) was founded in 1995 as a daughter company of STI "STOJAN-INTER" GesmBH and MESS-und Fördertechnik G.m.B.H.&Co.

SMF became a representation of MESS-und Fördertechnik G.m.B.H.&Co, the supplier of the tank trucks and railcars filling stations. SMF has not been active in this field.


In the meantime, SMF turned its focus on the support of gas turbines sales and services, from the company Solar Turbines Inc. 


We are active in the Oil&Gas industry, where we have been promoting the Solar Turbines´ gas turbines being the driver of compressors or generators in the hazardous areas. We are also active in the power field supporting the Solar Turbines Switzerland company that supplies the industrial gas turbines generator sets for an industrial and municipal utilization.

SMF Hodonín s.r.o. contacts:


Head office:
Marxova 1641/1
CZ-695 01 Hodonín
T: +420-515-159 202
F: +420-515-159 203
E: info@smf.cz



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