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Gas Turbines in the Oil & Gas

Solar Turbines Europe S.A. representation in the Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. 


Solar Turbines Inc. (Official web site)

The world largest gas turbines producer in the range from 1,2 MW to 38 MW. More than 16.000 gas turbines operating around the world.

The gas compressors producer for Oil & Gas, modular based, developed for the Solar gas turbines drivers as well as for electro-motor drivers.



Gas turbines as
- mechanical drives
- gas turbines compressor sets
- gas turbines generator sets



NAFTA a.s., POZAGAS a.s., RWE Gas Storage s.r.o., Technoexport, a.s., GAZ-SYSTEM,
ŠKODA J.S. a.s., ČKD Praha DIZ, a.s., PBG S.A., Dominanta Group , Net4Gas s.r.o., Gascontrol Polska Sp. z o.o.


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